"Meeting you was a life changing experience. Being successful has never been so easy."

- Mike Parris

Tired of feeling like life's a treadmill?
It's time to create a life you love,
have more freedom and get more time with your family.
You can using my 5 Step System...

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Is this you?

  • You're frustrated and tired
  • You're wondering if this is all there is?
  • You're even feeling jealous
  • You're wondering how life got so 'ordinary'
  • You know you should be grateful for what you've got, but you're not...something is missing

This could be you - when you're living the life you REALLY want to...

  • You're doing what you love
  • You feel free
  • You feel motivated again
  • You've got enough energy!
  • You feel content

I help people who are frustrated, bored and tired with ‘Ordinary life’ to create a life they REALLY want!

After spending 12 years training and practicing as a fitness trainer, hypnotherapist, life coach and online business coach, I’ve identified 5 steps that are necessary to create a life that is ‘More Than Ordinary’!


Is now a good time for you to take action?


My take on 'Being More Than Ordinary'

Is it time for you now?


Here's what some happy people are saying about our time together.

Heather Garriock Heather Garriock, Mortgages by Heather Garriock

Lindsay is an energetic breath of fresh air who really understands the meaning of effective training.  She is that coach, 2nd opinion, new idea and educator that will help you get your business where it needs to be.

Jennifer Fisher Jennifer Fisher, Jennifer Fisher Essentials

Lindsay has this way of listening to what you are saying and then giving you some advice that you might not normally have done, but it turns out to be the best advice! I guess that’s why she’s so good at what she does! 🙂
Lindsay listened to what I was saying, gave me some advice, but what she really gave me was courage.

Naomi Martell Bundock Naomi Martell Bundock, Core Sense Wellbeing

Lindsay is an expert coach who is highly skilled combined with a natural ability to get you where you need to go. Lindsay is kind, compassionate and extremely approachable, whilst stretching you to achieve superb results. Lindsay's capabilities are worth travelling cross-continents for - I have

Kealy Parris

Lindsay has helped me to increase success in my career, and improve relationships with my friends and family. She's also helped me to turn challenges into something I can learn from and see in a positive light. As a person, she is positively a joy to be around.

Paul Nevatte Paul Nevatte, PBS Systems

Lindsay helped me look and react differently in many situations that enabled both myself and my team to change our game and increase our level of execution and personal satisfaction. Strong coach that has made a difference.

Michelle Butt Michelle Butt, At Face Value

If you are ready to make lasting and significant change in any area of your life, I strongly recommend you spend some time with Lindsay. Knowing her has changed my life... for the better.


You've got this far! Come on, start living...