3 Reasons To Be Authentic On Social Media Today

For you to be authentic on Social Media today is no longer an option! It’s a necessity.

While doing research for a new Social Media Management client, I realized how reluctant people can be to show who they really are on Social Media. It’s not because they’ve got anything to hide, it’s just because it feels a bit weird to start talking about what you do, what your interests are where you spend your time.

But do I really have to tell people what I’m eating for supper?

No! Unless you’re eating at your favourite restaurant, or you happen to run into a friend or client when you’re out, or better still, you want to thank the restaurant owner by giving them a mention on your Social Media.

Do people need to know? No!

In the same way that people watch reality TV, it’s human nature that we’re interested in what other people enjoy and recommend. If it’s something we have in common, then it’s a bond and probably a conversation starter between friends.

Everyone wants real connection don’t they?


The 3 reasons you benefit from being more authentic today than ever before are:


1. People want to be able to trust you, and know that you’re human.

If you’re having a bad hair day, it makes you real. If you only post the pretty pictures, you become one dimensional and even a little intimidating to do business with.

Everyone loves a good story and they’ll get to know you better if you have one!  It doesn’t need to be a drama – just a story is good.

If you’re going out of your way for a client, post something to say so. Not “OMG, I’m the best person ever”, more like “I’m so grateful for my clients!  Still ‘working’ at 10pm and loving it!” .


2. Who needs more content?

Your audience doesn’t just want more content from you, they want your expert opinion or your honesty about why you think this content is important for them, or how they’ll benefit by reading it.

If you are positioning yourself as a leader or an authority on your topic, you better be ready to prove it!

There’s no point putting out any content if you don’t whole heartedly believe it or stand by it. Get authentic and be individual. If you believe that one option is better for your audience than another, why not share it?

Everyone has an opinion, and not everyone will agree with yours – it’s ok. You can be respectful that other people don’t agree, however if you’re on the same wavelength as your readers, your bond and connecting will be 10x stronger – if not more!


3. It helps to set you apart from your competition.

We all have unique talents and abilities that set us apart. If you’re being authentic in business, and you’re bringing those talents to your clients everyday, then you’ll attract people that warm to you, are like you and that appreciate working with you.

If you’re hiding aspects of yourself that you think aren’t important or might put people off, unfortunately all your doing is pushing away your dream clients!


Finally, finding the right Social Media platform for you will make being authentic much easier.  If you don’t know which one suits you best, you can find out where you belong by watching this short video!

Please let me know what you think – I want your opinion!!


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