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Social Media Still Using Old Fashioned Ways? [Training Post]

Is your Social Media still using ‘old fashioned’ ways? Let me explain, before you go cross eyed at this picture!  This picture is just like old fashioned Social Media! It’s an optical illusion that isn’t what it appears to be at first! Today’s Social Media is about being transparent. We want to know the truth…

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Is Your Website Still Not Finished?

I’ve got to be honest with you – no website is ever perfect – or finished! I haven’t suddenly moved into website design services by the way, but your website is , or should be, part of your marketing mix, so I thought this would help you in a simple way. The reason I’m saying this…

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3 Simple Ways to Start Using Video in your Social Media

Video is the secret sauce of marketing!  Here are 3 simple ways to start using Video in your Social Media and Marketing. You’ve probably made a video this summer on your phone and posted it to Facebook to share with your family and friends – it’s just as easy to make a video for your…

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What Reality Are You Creating?

Today’s post is a bit more ‘life coachy’ than my recent posts!  There’s a reason though – and that’s because ‘What reality are you creating?‘ has been loud and clear where ever I seem to be right now!  Are you aware of it too? If you operate in the holistic world at all, you’ll alreadt…

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Is Outsourcing Always The Answer?

Should you try to do everything, or is outsourcing always the answer? I want to share my feelings about this as it saddens me to see people waste money and time by outsourcing blindly. Naturally, I don’t believe that you need to do everything. That would be crazy! What I do believe is that you need…

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