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Be gentle with yourself – you’re an Entrepreneur!

Be gentle with yourself!  You’re an Entrepreneur, not a superhero! Are you too hard on yourself? This is something that I’ve been spinning on for a while, and it comes up with my friends and clients too. I know that I am my harshest judge! I keep feeling that I’m striving and working hard for…

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Content Creation When You’re Not Creative!

Ever been stuck for ideas for how to share your message? Perhaps you don’t feel like you’re a genius at Content Creation?  Or worse still, you’ve got plenty to say buy you don’t think you’re creative! Worry no more! In today’s Video I’ll show you how to take one of your ideas and turn it into…

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3 Reasons To Be Authentic On Social Media Today

For you to be authentic on Social Media today is no longer an option! It’s a necessity. While doing research for a new Social Media Management client, I realized how reluctant people can be to show who they really are on Social Media. It’s not because they’ve got anything to hide, it’s just because it feels a…

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Being Authentic On Social Media?

Are you still confused or worried about being authentic on Social Media without being too personal? If you’re here, you’re most likely an entrepreneur or business owner and doing your own social media posting and either representing yourself or only a couple of other people. This gives you power as you can really get personal –…

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What is an Autoresponder?

Have you ever signed up for a Free gift and then got a series of emails  following it? If you have, then you have experienced the power of the autoresponder. Why you want to use one     1. As a business owner, using an autoresponder sets you free! 2. It allows you to build…

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