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Time For Valuable Content?

You’ve probably heard ‘content is King’ – but how much should you be creating? Good content is absolutely ‘King’ – it’s essential.  So why don’t you just churn out content all day? Is it fair to say that as entrepreneurs we have plenty to do? While we focus on sales, marketing, networking and seeing clients, sometimes creating content can take…

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What Images Work Best?

What images should I use for my adverts, for my blog posts and for my Facebook posts? I’m going to share with you what’s delivered the best results for me based on experience and what I’ve been taught by my online mentors and ‘experts’. Pictures are as important as your headline as most of the population are…

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Soulful Marketing Or Just Crystals In My Bra?

Warning: This is soulful, honest and from my heart. It’s about time I shared it with you! Fancy thinking that ‘soulful marketing’ would lead to building a business! Surely I just needed to let go of my flighty dreams of doing something I loved with people that I love to work with. How can that be…

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Marketing Your Coaching Business – 3 Must Know Essentials!

When you’re marketing your Life Coaching business, bare in mind these 3 counter intuitive essentials! 1. It doesn’t matter what techniques you use. Your marketing message must relate to the problem that your clients face.  It doesn’t matter what your training is, or what your techniques are – your clients don’t really care about that…

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Free Information On Internet Marketing Can Only Take You So Far – Here’s Why.

Free Information is easy to come by!  But is it worth having? Of course some information is great to have, but also necessary – especially when it comes to topics like Internet Marketing. Free Info allows you to learn more and to be able to move on and make progress with your business.  The problem comes…

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