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Start Networking – come out of the closet!

Since you began your own business, have you had to start networking? Is it something you enjoy or is it the energy drain on you that it used to feel like for me? Just a few short years ago Networking was a total energy drain for me! I used to feel exhausted and frustrated when…

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3 Ways To Bounce Back After Rejection and Failure?

Are you too scared to stick your neck out and be brave again just incase it doesn’t work out? The hardest and most useful lesson in the entrepreneur journey is learning the art of bouncing back! Here are 3 ways to bounce back and to keep pursuing your dream even after you have fallen on…

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The Single Autoresponder Mistake That Leaves Money On The Table

How many messages do you have in your autoresponder sequence? Are you stopping too soon? People are most likely to buy from you when you have 5-7 touch points and they’ve experienced some value from you, you’ve gained some credibility and they have even started to trust you a little. The funny thing is, most…

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Video DIY – The Quickest Way to Attract Your Tribe

Video is the buzz word in marketing and it’s not going away! You need to pay attention. Video’s the best way to connect with your audience on the web. We’re a TV watching population and we expect to see people on a screen to make them real. But what if you can’t make a Hollywood…

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