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Best Life Coach I’ve Ever Met

I just had the most valuable training experience of my life – with the best coach life coach I’ve ever met.

He’s remarkable. You’d love him!

He faces struggles everyday. In his head he’s never going to meet his own high expectations. He’s an exceptional athlete – yet he thinks he’s a failure.

He changes the lives of those closest to him because of his incredible energy – he can fill the room with his positive vibe, or clear the room with his negative one!

When he chooses to do something, he goes for it. You’ll never meet a more capable or dedicated person. He practices over and over and over…

Yet, when he chooses to sabotage himself – it’s big, it’s dramatic and it normally takes down the people around him too.

Here’s the thing…

I bet you know someone like him. Someone with extreme talent, who just doesn’t see it in themselves. Sound familiar?

Yup, me too. 

It took meeting this young man 13 years ago to make me realize what I was really made of.

I couldn’t control everything – or base my happiness on people around me meeting my expectations – or even worry about what other people thought of me. And trying to was making me depressed.

He taught me: You Are Enough. 

It’s a tough lesson to learn – and he made me learn it all because we couldn’t get along from the day he was born. It was obvious he was going to change my life – and he still is – EVERY DAY when I wake him up for school!

If you’re struggling to get on with one of your kids and they’re bringing out your fighting spirit let’s talk.

If you’re in a constant battle and you think your child only talks to you when they want something – they’re actually teaching you something about yourself.

It’s not an easy lesson, but it’s why they’re here for you. You’re ready to learn it. Let’s talk!

P.S. You’ve probably guessed who the Life Coach is! I had to change the way I thought about him because so long as that precious maternal bond wasn’t solid – we were in trouble – and he wasn’t responsible for changing it. I was.  If this sounds like your story, let’s chat as you don’t need to face this on your own – stop suffering everyday.

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