friend or parent to your kids?

Friend or parent to your kids?

Do you need to be a friend or parent to your kids? Do you have to make a choice? In my experience, you need to be both. When you’re going through your toughest moments with your kids, is when you both need a really good friend. They need the sort of friend who’ll stand by them,…

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Parenting – you decide how!

What if you could follow your gut instinct and you could do parenting any way you decided to! Imagine if you didn’t have to play to expectations? What if you could do what you wanted and follow your own rules without any pressure to do what the ‘system’ expected you to? How would your life…

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Fed up with the doctor’s office?

Fed up with the doctor’s office? I used to be the sort of Mom who would take her kids to the doctor every time they were sick. Whenever they had a fever I would give them ‘Calpol’ (the Tylenol equivalent in England), bundle them up, and take them to see the doctor. Until I couldn’t…

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Life Coach, parenting coach

Best Life Coach I’ve Ever Met

I just had the most valuable training experience of my life – with the best coach life coach I’ve ever met. He’s remarkable. You’d love him! He faces struggles everyday. In his head he’s never going to meet his own high expectations. He’s an exceptional athlete – yet he thinks he’s a failure. He changes…

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#BellLetsTalk Mental Health Day

Have you seen all the ‘BellLetsTalk’ posts today? Did you see a friend post that you didn’t expect to be suffering from any mental health issues? I certainly did. I know how it feels to want to stay in bed – all day, day after day – and keep crying at the slightest thing –…

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