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Is the work life balance a myth if you’re over 40?

Work life balance? What does it even mean? Apparently, it’s a myth if you’re over 40. Generations before us managed to get the work life balance without the same stress and chaos that we face today, so I am interested why we feel so much guilt about EVERYTHING! If we stay at home as a full…

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Give up to grow.

Someone once said to me that you have to ‘give up to grow’. That’s a pretty tough statement as it sends your mind into a tizzy. How significant does the ‘giving up’ need to be to help you grow? Is giving up chocolate enough, or does it mean you need to sell your house and…

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Dad, Are you living a lie?

Are you living a lie – one that has been fed to you all of your life? This might sound a bit like a conspiracy theory, however, the more research I do, and the more Dads I work with and interview, the more clearly I see it. Trying to fit into the status quo does…

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fed up being pushed around and taken for granted

Being pushed around and taken for granted?

Are you fed up doing too much for everyone else and not having the time, energy or money to do what you want? If this is you, then you are not setting and sticking to your boundaries! But don’t worry, you’ll find out how to today. Then all you need to do is look out for…

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What will you do when you grow up?

Have you ever been asked “What will you do when you grow up?”? Most kids have some fun ideas, most adults don’t! We strive and work hard for a ‘good job’ or even work hard and go it alone – but don’t really know what it’s all for! There seems to be a wake up call happening right now. People who…

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