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#BellLetsTalk Mental Health Day

Have you seen all the ‘BellLetsTalk’ posts today? Did you see a friend post that you didn’t expect to be suffering from any mental health issues? I certainly did. I know how it feels to want to stay in bed – all day, day after day – and keep crying at the slightest thing –…

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Give up to grow.

Someone once said to me that you have to ‘give up to grow’. That’s a pretty tough statement as it sends your mind into a tizzy. How significant does the ‘giving up’ need to be to help you grow? Is giving up chocolate enough, or does it mean you need to sell your house and…

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Why SMART Goals Don’t Work For Grown Ups!

Yes, I said it! I don’t believe that SMART goals work for grown ups! If you’re not familiar with SMART goals, they are goals that are set in a way that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reachable and Time Specific. I have taught goal setting using this method for many years, however now, something different is going…

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Mudderella – it’s about more than mud!

This weekend, I did my first Mudderella race. The race is a 9km run (or walk) with 12 obstacles – including carrying a log, scrambling under netting, climbing over high walls, jumping into an air bag – and of course walking through, wading through and dragging ourselves through MUD – and lots of it. I was part of…

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Calm or chaos in September

Does September bring calm or chaos to your house? It can be hard to get back into the swing of things when you’ve had a wonderful summer, AND all the time, you’ve also had a little voice in the background saying “I’ll do it in September”, or “when I’ve got more time”? Here’s what it often looks like (assuming your…

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