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Make a brave, new decision.

Making a new life, or changing what you don’t like about yours, means making a brave decision. 9 years ago, my husband and I decided that we wanted a different life for our family. The one we had was good, but there was something (like a daily 4 hour commute for example) that just didn’t…

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Find your Super Power!

Can you find your Super Power? What happens when you don’t think that your Super Power is very super? Or you can’t see what power it holds for others? This has taken a very long time to find out, but I think the penny may have dropped! Doh! Most the ‘circles’ I’m in are full of…

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Can Moms Have It All?

Today is an unexpected treat – I’m at home with all 3 kids as it’s a snow day. Personally I love the days when the kids are home, however it also means that my work day gets thrown a little in the air – and I have to find a way to make it all…

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Happy New Year for 2016!

Happy New Year for 2016! Today’s blog comes to you in a video I shot while I was out walking. Click here to watch it – it’s only 3 mins long and it’ll fill you with optimism, warmth and fuzzy good feelings! Here’s the gist of my message incase you don’t have 3 minutes to…

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What Reality Are You Creating?

Today’s post is a bit more ‘life coachy’ than my recent posts!  There’s a reason though – and that’s because ‘What reality are you creating?‘ has been loud and clear where ever I seem to be right now!  Are you aware of it too? If you operate in the holistic world at all, you’ll alreadt…

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