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Be gentle with yourself – you’re an Entrepreneur!

Be gentle with yourself!  You’re an Entrepreneur, not a superhero! Are you too hard on yourself? This is something that I’ve been spinning on for a while, and it comes up with my friends and clients too. I know that I am my harshest judge! I keep feeling that I’m striving and working hard for…

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Being Authentic On Social Media?

Are you still confused or worried about being authentic on Social Media without being too personal? If you’re here, you’re most likely an entrepreneur or business owner and doing your own social media posting and either representing yourself or only a couple of other people. This gives you power as you can really get personal –…

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Time For Valuable Content?

You’ve probably heard ‘content is King’ – but how much should you be creating? Good content is absolutely ‘King’ – it’s essential.  So why don’t you just churn out content all day? Is it fair to say that as entrepreneurs we have plenty to do? While we focus on sales, marketing, networking and seeing clients, sometimes creating content can take…

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Soulful Marketing Or Just Crystals In My Bra?

Warning: This is soulful, honest and from my heart. It’s about time I shared it with you! Fancy thinking that ‘soulful marketing’ would lead to building a business! Surely I just needed to let go of my flighty dreams of doing something I loved with people that I love to work with. How can that be…

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3 Ways To Bounce Back After Rejection and Failure?

Are you too scared to stick your neck out and be brave again just incase it doesn’t work out? The hardest and most useful lesson in the entrepreneur journey is learning the art of bouncing back! Here are 3 ways to bounce back and to keep pursuing your dream even after you have fallen on…

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