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Mudderella – it’s about more than mud!

This weekend, I did my first Mudderella race. The race is a 9km run (or walk) with 12 obstacles – including carrying a log, scrambling under netting, climbing over high walls, jumping into an air bag – and of course walking through, wading through and dragging ourselves through MUD – and lots of it. I was part of…

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Can Moms Have It All?

Today is an unexpected treat – I’m at home with all 3 kids as it’s a snow day. Personally I love the days when the kids are home, however it also means that my work day gets thrown a little in the air – and I have to find a way to make it all…

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Social Media Still Using Old Fashioned Ways? [Training Post]

Is your Social Media still using ‘old fashioned’ ways? Let me explain, before you go cross eyed at this picture!  This picture is just like old fashioned Social Media! It’s an optical illusion that isn’t what it appears to be at first! Today’s Social Media is about being transparent. We want to know the truth…

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Is Your Website Still Not Finished?

I’ve got to be honest with you – no website is ever perfect – or finished! I haven’t suddenly moved into website design services by the way, but your website is , or should be, part of your marketing mix, so I thought this would help you in a simple way. The reason I’m saying this…

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3 Reasons To Be Authentic On Social Media Today

For you to be authentic on Social Media today is no longer an option! It’s a necessity. While doing research for a new Social Media Management client, I realized how reluctant people can be to show who they really are on Social Media. It’s not because they’ve got anything to hide, it’s just because it feels a…

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