Calm or chaos in September

Does September bring calm or chaos to your house?

It can be hard to get back into the swing of things when you’ve had a wonderful summer, AND all the time, you’ve also had a little voice in the background saying “I’ll do it in September”, or “when I’ve got more time”?

Here’s what it often looks like (assuming your kids go back around the 7th)!   

The first week, you’ll be ‘preparing’ for school and fitting in some last minute summer fun – before the packed lunch doom sets in (I’m only inspired and home baking until about September 21st).

The second week, you’ll be revelling in the idea that you can get on with what you’ve been thinking about all summer! 

The third week, you’ll be planning an enormous ‘to-do’ list because it’s September and it’s urgent now!

The fourth week, you’ll realize it’s nearly October and that you haven’t got much done yet!!

Your new deadline will be January!  Here we go again…

There’s a different way!

You could do it an alternative way which tends to be more successful and more relaxing!

Make a plan TODAY and be ahead of the game! It’ll take you about 20 mins to do, and save you months of stress and wasted time!

Here’s a SUPER SIMPLE plan to get you on track.

(Don’t forget ‘Lagtime’ – the period between taking the action and getting the result!)

1. What do you want to achieve before December 31st (or the busy period that starts mid December)? This is your overall goal for the last 4 months of the year.

2. Now, break down your steps into achievable parts for September, October, November, December. 

Give yourself 3 action steps for each month – that sets you up to win.













Each one of these steps can be broken into weeks, even days, however, this is the SUPER SIMPLE approach!

When you use this ‘plan’ it stops the September craziness taking over, prevents the predictable lull in October, and means you’re up and running before mid-November! 

However, it often helps to be led through this process – so if you’d like help to make a plan to by-pass the September stalling, have a meaningful and useful October and be at full speed by November, I’ve made some time in calendar to help you. You can book in here. 

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