Content Creation When You’re Not Creative!

Ever been stuck for ideas for how to share your message? Perhaps you don’t feel like you’re a genius at Content Creation?  Or worse still, you’ve got plenty to say buy you don’t think you’re creative!

Worry no more! In today’s Video I’ll show you how to take one of your ideas and turn it into AT LEAST 16 forms of content and share it across the internet.

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Lindsay de Swart

Lindsay de Swart helps people who are frustrated and stressed about ‘ordinary life’ to ‘Be More Than Ordinary’ every day. She helps them to create a life they REALLY want! She encourages and inspires people to do more with their life to live with more purpose, more enjoyment, more fulfilment, more contribution and to make more impact with what they do. After spending 12 years training and practicing as a fitness trainer, hypnotherapist, life coach and online business coach, she identified 5 steps that are necessary to create a life that is ‘More Than Ordinary’! - You can get those 5 steps at

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