Free Information On Internet Marketing Can Only Take You So Far – Here’s Why.

Free Information is easy to come by!  But is it worth having?

Of course some information is great to have, but also necessary – especially when it comes to topics like Internet Marketing. Free Info allows you to learn more and to be able to move on and make progress with your business.  The problem comes when there is so much Free Information, that it sends you into overwhelm and stops you moving forward.

Know what I mean?

I wanted to share something with you that I heard from some experts in our industry.  They said this:

“Free Information on marketing is everywhere – it’s implementation and ‘done for you’ solutions that holds value now.”

How does this affect you, the Self Employed Life Coach or Practitioner who is relying on Free Information about Internet Marketing to grow your business?

Here are 3 ways to decide whether Free information is worth it or not.

1. Be selective who you listen to when you are getting so many enticing emails and offers landing in your inbox. How do you filter it?

It’s a great question and the only answer that I can offer you is to work with someone who offers you information that you can use immediately in a format that is easy to digest and put to good use.  If you are tempted to spend thousands on a program that is taking you off your primary focus, then it might just be a distraction and just another procrastination tactic that stops you from really getting down to business!

Make sure that the teacher meets your needs – and ideally knows your market, your business and what’s important to you and your customers.

2. Does the Free Information on Marketing help you NOW?

What is the current problem that you face in your business?  Chances are that is isn’t anything to do with lack of skills or knowledge in your specialized area and that knowing one more technique is not going to further your business.  Sorry to be the barer of harsh news… but I know what it’s like! Just one more course…

Information, free or paid, should help you to solve a problem that you face now.  It’s what I teach on my 6 Week Marketing Intensive.  Your Free Information/ Giveaway, needs to solve the number 1 problem that your clients face, whatever might be keeping them awake at night – or at least set them up on the right track to get respite on their path to a full solution.

3. Do you really need to pay for information that you can find for free.

So, here’s the thing! The internet is a big place! Yes, you can absolutely find Free Information on anything – yes anything – and how long do you spend looking for exactly the information you need?

When you can find someone that gives you the information and help that you need, in a language that you can understand, then it’s worth pursuing what that person/expert/teacher has to offer you. If you like the tone of their free info, chances are you’ll like what else they have to offer.

Only go for the information that is going to get you where you’re going. That way your shiny new course will not clogg up your hard drive, or sit on your shelf gathering dust while you get distracted on something else.

So, if you’re ready to Ignite your Internet Marketing in 6 Weeks, please join me to make it happen, and if it’s not for you yet, then please benefit from my Free Cheat Sheet which will give you the Free Information on Internet Marketing that can help you anyway!

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