Give up to grow.

Someone once said to me that you have to ‘give up to grow’.

That’s a pretty tough statement as it sends your mind into a tizzy. How significant does the ‘giving up’ need to be to help you grow? Is giving up chocolate enough, or does it mean you need to sell your house and downsize?

What would you give up?

Naturally, as the end of the year is round the corner and I’m reflecting on this ‘year of growth’ (which is a nice way of saying challenge, frustration, reward, satisfaction and everything in between), I’m wondering what to give up to grow.

I’m positive that I’m ready to give up trying to help everyone!

I’m also certain that constantly questioning my own ability and capability can go.

Being ‘politically correct’ can definitely go – not that I am very often anyway. 😉

Volunteering for stuff that I don’t want to do – consider it gone already!

I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t drink coffee so I can’t give those up. If I gave up tea I think I’m more likely to shrivel up and die than grow – so that’s probably not a good idea right now.

On the upside

There are things I’ve already planned for 2017, so there are some things that will have to go as a result of that – like the gym for example :(. I’ve committed to running another 1/2 marathon in March, and I’ll do my third marathon in the summer – it has been about 15 years since my last one, so I know that my gym training needs to make way for my running. With the help of a support group I know it will happen.

The main thing that needs to go is settling. I’ve had enough of just settling and struggling. It’s been going on too long and I’ve always found a way to make it ok.

Struggling and settling is not ok anymore. Thriving and living in a big way is where this year is at!

Spending more time, doing fun stuff with my family is definitely happening more.

There will be more travelling!

Get brave and bold with it.

What has to go and what will you create more of?

What is a definite ‘it must go’ for you?

What have you learned this year that can propel you forward in to next year? 

Different habits?

Different connections?

Different skills?

Different standards?

If you’ve learned a new way of doing something, or living, it’s time to let the old stuff go – that’s what’ll help you grow.

What will you give up to grow in 2017?

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