Is Outsourcing Always The Answer?

Should you try to do everything, or is outsourcing always the answer?

I want to share my feelings about this as it saddens me to see people waste money and time by outsourcing blindly. Naturally, I don’t believe that you need to do everything.

That would be crazy!

What I do believe is that you need to know enough so that you know what you’re outsourcing! That way, you can qualify that the person you’re employing is the right person for the job.

Women come to me and tell me that they’ve spent a fortune on getting a website built and it hasn’t done anything for their business. They’ve gone to a website developer that has no idea about marketing. It doesn’t mean that the website builder wanted to ‘rip them off’ or do anything bad, however, if they don’t know the first thing about marketing with a website, how can they help to make a website convert customers?

I educate women entrepreneurs and teach how to use tools that are available online to help to market your business, whether that’s with social media, with your website or with video. I don’t teach you how to build a website, or do SEO or do major video productions – I outsource those things!

When you’re trying to do something different in your business (so you can get different results) you need to have a plan – some sort of road map, so you know where you’re going. Once you have the plan, you can start to ‘farm out’ the work and delegate. Too many people do it the wrong way – they farm out the work, and then realize after that the work they just paid for wasn’t really what they needed. Ever been there?

I have. Too many times.

That was when I decided that I needed to learn the basics of marketing online, so that when I paid for help, I knew what I was paying for and what goal I wanted the work to achieve. It has worked well, and helped me to build a thriving business.

Before you start searching for a specialist in everything, take some time to learn what’s out there. Not in detail, but enough to know what you need to shop around for.

You can find FREE training resources on my Social Media, either on my Facebook, YouTube channel or on my blog so that you can learn the basics and then outsource the bits that you don’t want to do!

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