Is Your Website Still Not Finished?

I’ve got to be honest with you – no website is ever perfect – or finished!

I haven’t suddenly moved into website design services by the way, but your website is , or should be, part of your marketing mix, so I thought this would help you in a simple way.

The reason I’m saying this today is that I’ve heard so many people recently say

“I’m getting new cards, waiting for my site to be finished, rebranding…” (sound familiar?)

and I’ve just realized that I’ve been starting to think the same thing!  

Anyway, I want to share some advice with you that may help you to get over the hurdle of ‘my website’s not quite finished…’

Here goes. 

Make sure on your site that you include these aspects ‘above the fold’ – (that means as soon as people go onto your site before they even have to scroll down).


1. Who you can help – your target clients

2. What their problem is

3. How you solve it – your promise

4. An irresistible offer – your Free Giveaway or ‘magnet’ which will help them solve it


This should help to make your site act more like a sales tool than just a brochure!

I’ve recently done some updates on my site and I’d love to know if you think I’ve achieved those 4 goals. 

Take a look here and see what you think – I’d love your feedback!

If you’re struggling to answer the 4 questions above, next month my ‘Joyful Marketing Blueprint’ course is coming out.  If you’d like to get a taste of what it’s about, you can download the first introduction to it which covers Social Media in detail. 

I’d love to get your feedback on my website additions – where you can also access my ‘Social Media in 30 mins a day Formula’.

Enjoy your day and keep on being fabulous. 

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Lindsay de Swart

Lindsay de Swart helps people who are frustrated and stressed about ‘ordinary life’ to ‘Be More Than Ordinary’ every day. She helps them to create a life they REALLY want! She encourages and inspires people to do more with their life to live with more purpose, more enjoyment, more fulfilment, more contribution and to make more impact with what they do. After spending 12 years training and practicing as a fitness trainer, hypnotherapist, life coach and online business coach, she identified 5 steps that are necessary to create a life that is ‘More Than Ordinary’! - You can get those 5 steps at

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