Mudderella – it’s about more than mud!

This weekend, I did my first Mudderella race.

The race is a 9km run (or walk) with 12 obstacles – including carrying a log, scrambling under netting, climbing over high walls, jumping into an air bag – and of course walking through, wading through and dragging ourselves through MUD – and lots of it.

I was part of a team with my Gym – Aurora’s Fitbody Bootcamp. We were all going together, so we showed up bright and early to get ready for the race. Some of us didn’t know each other as we train at different times of day, so we just pulled together with one common interest – a personal challenge.

The reason I’m sharing this with you today is that the race was about so much more than getting dirty! It was about making new friends, supporting each other, facing our own fears, helping others face theirs and reaching a new goal – and a lot of laughing!

We started as we meant to go on!

When we arrived, bright and early, everyone sat on the gym floor with their team t-shirts laid out in front of them. Francesca had researched t-shirt designs on Pinterest, so she led the design project and got everyone working on looking the part!

The sisterhood had started! It was bonding in the most fun and collaborative way.

The next wonder happened on the bus. Again, it was the most traditional form of bonding – we were all sharing food and braiding each other’s hair (those that had enough hair to braid!) ready for the race. Dana allowed her hidden braiding talent to shine!

There was no judgement and no competition – just excitement and a little apprehension for the day ahead!

Race time!

While we were waiting to start, people started to share why they were doing the race. For some it was a new challenge, for some it was about being in the team, for some it was about supporting others, and for some it something so far out of their comfort zone that they were pushed to do it by a friend.

At the start line, there was a motivational pep talk and a bit of a warm up. It reminded everyone of why we were there and what an achievement it was to even have made it this far! It was also a reminder about supporting each other and all being one team when someone needed help – as everyone would need it at some stage during the race.

The first couple of obstacles were just a warm up – and then the mud started!

We had to jump right in. People held hands going in, slipped in, fell in and at the other side, pulled each other out of the slippery sides – and laughed through it all!

Kerry, Kara and Elizabeth led our team. They set a great pace and we ran past many of the other teams that were walking. Aaron and Kathleen sprinted from the back of the team to the front to get every one on video!

Each obstacle provided a different challenge – just like life! Some of us struggled with climbing the wall, or scrambling under a net, plunging into the mud or jumping from a high wall into a huge inflatable bag. Everyone was cheered on and supported.

One thing remained constant through the whole race – we were all there to support each other – no matter what the obstacle.

It was a priviledge to be part of this team and I can’t wait for next year’s muddy challenge! I am honoured to have met many new friends including Sara, Michelle, Nat, Angela, Natasha, Lindsay, Danay and to support my ‘already’ friends like Jennifer, Kelly, and Ming too.

If you’re ready for a challenge, or you’ve got a new goal in mind – and you need some support to get you over the hurdles and through the mud (of ordinary life), I invite you to join my Facebook group where you’ll get daily support, encouragement and inspiration – as well as an awesome community to help you be more than ordinary everyday.

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