My Adventure

Since 2005 I’ve coached people through life challenges such as career changes, relationship issues, anxiety, depression and building their own business. I’m a qualified coach and hypnotherapy trainer, and through my years of having my own business, I’ve also taught people about creating awesome websites, doing online marketing, using social media and making video too.

Before that I had been a personal trainer, a personal assistant, a sales rep and a recruitment consultant – working 8 till 8 in London and then a more relaxed gig in Stockholm, Sweden – where we lived for 2 years.

Somehow I jumped into business coaching for a couple of years, but now I’ve returned to what I love best, which is personal coaching… and now I’m coaching frustrated, stuck, bored parents to help them feel more freedom and happiness every day – to be ‘More Than Ordinary‘.

Obviously, their kids benefit too!

I frequently speak to audiences who are looking to find the balance between the corporate world and their home life, or to build their own business from home. It’s all about the freedom!




My ‘out of office’ adventures include horse riding, skiing and running. To date my proudest sporting moments are completing both the London and New York Marathons, and today I’m right back at it training for a 1/2…

This passion for adventure and something ‘More Than Ordinary‘ led me and my hubby, Matt, to uproot our growing family and move to Ontario where we both now work from home surrounded by farmland! We have 3 awesome kids and 2 dogs and we mostly spend our time skiing, walking and running – with some work in there too!

I coach people privately and in groups, I also facilitate workshops and have fun speaking on the stage about how to live a life that is More Than Ordinary!



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