Time For Valuable Content?

You’ve probably heard ‘content is King’ – but how much should you be creating?

Good content is absolutely ‘King’ – it’s essential.  So why don’t you just churn out content all day?

Is it fair to say that as entrepreneurs we have plenty to do? While we focus on sales, marketing, networking and seeing clients, sometimes creating content can take a back seat.

Whether you are appealing to an audience locally or globally, they need to know who you are by what content you send to them.

So here’s the thing!

If your content takes a back seat, how are you offering value and expertise to your potential clients?

How do they know what’s in your heart and what great skills and talents you have to offer them?

What you put out to the world also makes you unique and sets you apart from your competition.  Your content and the way you deliver it makes you unique.  If you don’t have time to share your great thoughts, wisdom and gems of advice, apart from heaps of advertising, how is anyone going to know they want to work with you?

Here’s how can you unleash your inner content creator in 3 easy steps.

1. Make specific days for focussing on content creation

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Just like anything in life and business – if it’s scheduled, it’ll happen. If not, it’s likely to fall by the way side and become a lower priority on ever getting it done.  You can produce content in batches, then release it at scheduled times in the future. You can contract out your content production, or you can have no strategy in place and then no one ever knows who you are and what you can do for them. If that last one sounds familiar, you might want to read to the end and find out what’s coming up!

2. Use different media to distribute the same content

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What if not all your audience love to read, or have the time to read your awesome info?  What about if they, like many of the worlds’ population, are more likely to watch a video than read an article or blog? They might even prefer to flick through a presentation.

There are so many inspired ways to get your content out to the world, and more specifically your audience, that you need to experiment with getting more coverage.  I was blogging for some years before I found out about Slideshare.  The 2nd presentation I uploaded got over 900 views and is still being seen today!  My videos actually got people I knew stopping me to talk?  Let me assure you that nothing like that ever happened with my blogs!

If you’re familiar with visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles, you’ll know that you need to appeal to all of them to get the best response.

If blog silence sounds familiar, read on – there’s Free publicity available!

3. Categorize your content so it’s easier to focus

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Stick to 6 or 8 categories max. If you start straying too far and wide, you’ll get overwhelmed and your message will be diluted. Remember that if you’ve lost focus, how can your audience have the faintest idea of what you’re talking about!

I learned to follow the example of my online teachers – there are many – that will repost the same article with several different headlines, images and on different media so that at least one of them will grab my attention.

Do I read them all?  No! Of course not!  It also doesn’t bother me if I see them repeating the same message when it’s served to me in several different ways.  Perhaps I needed to see it more than once to actually take it in and act on it!

How can you start to apply this and do it easily?

Over the next four weeks, you can join a ‘4 Week Content Challenge‘ starting on Monday 17th November.

Join me this week in preparation by posting on my Facebook page, or contacting me on LinkedIn or even on Instagram to let me know you’re interested and you’ll get the next steps for your success!

What’s involved?

1. No money!

2. Say that you want to be included on my FB pageLinkedIn or Instagram page

3. Invite your friends who have their own business too

4. Decide on what 4 topics you’re going to use. You need to focus on 1 per week.


Tired of Blog Silence?

Come and join in!





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