Video DIY – The Quickest Way to Attract Your Tribe

Video is the buzz word in marketing and it’s not going away! You need to pay attention.

Video’s the best way to connect with your audience on the web. We’re a TV watching population and we expect to see people on a screen to make them real.

But what if you can’t make a Hollywood Blockbuster – should you even bother?

The answer is definitely YES!  You need to start somewhere and getting going is the first step to getting better. Like anything, you’re only going to improve with practise and some trial and error.

What if you don’t want to be on camera?

You don’t have to be! You can make a video presentation, which is still way more engaging than written text – especially if you’re not totally confident in your writing skills.  You can learn how here.

What if it’s not perfect?

It will be perfect for where you are now!  It would be wonderful to have everything just right straight away, but it’s pretty unlikely that’s going to happen unless you’re working with an experienced film crew, wardrobe department, make up and hair stylist! If that’s not in your marketing budget  😉 then you are better off believing that making a start is better than aiming for perfection.

What do you need to get started?

You can get started on a good quality phone – below you can see two pictures, one is on my older iphone 4 and one is with an iPhone 5s (I negotiated an upgrade just because I needed the new camera). Neither are great pictures – but at least one’s got some clarity!



 This one, (with the sun glasses) is not as sharp as this other one which is clearer.  Every effect is amplified on video so you definately need to have some good focus!

 There are a few things that will make a difference and make your video much easier to watch – such as ideally you’ll have a microphone of some sort. The one on your phone will pick up your voice and everything else around you – air conditioning, traffic, other voices, dogs, cats, etc!

You don’t need Hollywood lighting, but you do need light.  Daylight is great and way more flattering than a badly lit room.

How long should the video be?

Short and concise.  Gaps and pauses seem to last a verrrrrry long time on video!

Ultimately, you want to be able to relax, and to make your videos easy to watch and entertaining. Pretend you’re talking to a client you know well and feel really confident with.

OK, it’s time…

Get out and start making videos that you’d be happy to delete!  Just as the best copywriters write for the wastebasket, do the same with your first videos.

We all make mistakes – here’s one of mine. Apologies for the bad language!

Good luck my friend and get started today – you literally have nothing to lose! You can buy the ‘World’s Fastest DIY Video Training’ here.

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