What will you do when you grow up?

Have you ever been asked “What will you do when you grow up?”?

Most kids have some fun ideas, most adults don’t! We strive and work hard for a ‘good job’ or even work hard and go it alone – but don’t really know what it’s all for!

There seems to be a wake up call happening right now. People who have had success in business, even doing something they love, are realizing that everything they have strived so hard to achieve isn’t ‘it’. It offers a lot, but it isn’t ‘it’. Even if you’ve been in your career for years but it’s not making you happy, what can you do it address it?

My Mentors have the answer

Some of my mentors over the last 5 years are taking a break, changing direction and more importantly, getting down to what really matters to them in life. It’s so interesting!

People that I’ve learned so much from, millionaire entrepreneurs like Milana Leshinsky, James Wedmore and Chris Farrell who have all been my mentors and have taught me about building a business from the ground up, are changing their message.

One by one, I’m noticing that they are moving away from their millionaire business focus and following their hearts as to what’s important in life – the stuff that really matters.

James and Chris are now podcasting about what it takes to achieve in every aspect of life, their sharing inspirational stories and case studies, and Milana is taking a break from it all!

Try Pole Dancing!

They are not the only ones! Just today I read an article about a former foreign exchange manager has now become pole dancing teacher and another banking dealer who left his career to drive trains. Here’s the article if you don’t believe me!

So, with all of this ‘what really matters’ vibe around me, and the thought of ‘what will I do when I grow up?’, I’m interested to know, what really matters to you and what are you doing each day to focus on it and nurture it?

After being a coach for 12 years, in both health and wellness coaching and business coaching, I have done a full circle and come back to life coaching – as all my clients kept pointing me back in this direction.

5 Steps that will help you be happy even if you don’t know the answer yet!

Here’s the 5 steps that I’ve found are working now to bring people back to what’s important, and back to their ‘purpose/path or calling’ (depending on what you want to call it). These steps also help you feel happier, less stressed and enjoy your time here while you’re in this particular ‘meat suit’!!

You might find that this helps you to find what you want to do when you grow up too!

  1. Expand – Expand your thinking about what you really want. What brings you joy? What’s important to you? What do you need in your life to make you feel happy/worthy/loved/valued/fulfilled?

    There’s always more than one thing, but this will help you to narrow it down – and more importantly, identify if there are any huge holes in your life that are causing that empty feeling inside, even though most people may think you’ve got the perfect life!

  2. Explore – Start to explore what’s in your life now, and what’s available to you. For example, if you love sports and you’re stuck at a desk or at home feeling overweight and undervalued, what can you do to tap back in to the ‘essence of you’? Could you join a soccer team, a running club, a gym, or even an adult cheerleading team (yes, I even looked into that at one point).

    This seems simple, but is very important. If you don’t get the chance to contribute to help others, other than those in your family for example, could you go and volunteer at a shelter or an organization and do something of value? Jumping in to help when there is no attachment for you, or dependancy on you is an incredible feel good thing to do – for everyone involved.

    What about if you have an artistic side that is being held back in a world of technology, how can you express that?

  3. Energize – Do you have the energy to do more in your life?
    You might not need to do more, you might need to do something different instead! Do less ‘running of errands’ and more trail runs! The two have very different results! Are you eating right?

    This post isn’t about the what you ‘should’ do, or what you ‘should’ eat. All that advice confuses me at the best of times, but I know what foods make me feel good and what makes me feel rubbish. That’s all I’m saying about food!

    Believe it or not, there is scientific evidence that stretching each day will help you to stay healthier – so, here’s a tip. Each day, first thing in the morning, I put the kettle on for tea – regular black ‘normal’ tea – and then I go outside on to my deck and stretch. For just as long as the kettle boils (it’s pretty slow here). If you have time to make a tea or coffee in the morning, you have time to stretch.

  4. Ecosystem – What goes on around you will greatly determine what you do, change and stick with in life. If you feel like you have people all around you who are trying to pull you down, or who are ‘energy vampires’ who dampen your shining light, then we have ways of dealing with them… (mwa haa haa – evil laughing).

    Ask the people around you for help with your changing schedule. If you need to car pool for kids activities, do it. If you need to take one or two evenings for yourself, make it happen. You can.I’m going to be really practical here. If what you want to do takes time and money, you’ll also need to start planning a little. You might need to re-allocate budget and re-allocate time.

    Time: where is your time wasted? Use that time instead to do something you love. The TV and Facebook won’t notice that you’ve gone.

    Money: Starbucks and Tim Hortons’s will understand if you don’t help their profits for a while as you want to use your money for something more important.

  5. Evolve – Now is the time to do what you’ve said you’re going to. Stick to your word. Start to do something that makes you happier, feel more fulfilled and meets your most important needs.

    Even if you don’t know exactly what job or business you want to be in, you’ll be in a much happier state of mind to find the answer!

These 5 steps keep working – in more ways than I could imagine! If you’d like to put these steps to the test, come over and join my Facebook group where you can get to work on making real, lasting changes happen.





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